Copper Bracelet
Indian Phoenix

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Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional Indian medicine, still used in many countries, in which metals (copper) and precious stones are used to balance the electromagnetic field of the wearer.

  • Quality: Pure copper and quality magnets
  • Adjustable: Copper is a malleable material and fits all wrists
  • Therapeutic virtues: Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
  • Hand-engraved by specialized craftsmen - Careful details
  • 2 high-end neodymium magnets - 3000 Gauss
  • Length: 18cm / 7.10 inches

Using Ayurvedic Medicine to Balance and Strengthen Your Body

Traditional Indian medicine close to Chinese or Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda has always used metals and all other natural elements to treat ailments.

In order to balance the individual's body and its chakras, this form of medicine uses magnets and their ability to influence electromagnetic fields. With an Indian copper bracelet, you benefit fully from the virtues of the metal in addition to taking advantage of the beneficial effects of neodymium magnets.

Why choose the Indian copper bracelet ?

The benefits conferred by the Indian copper rush are multiple. The presence of this metal, a trace element essential to the proper functioning of the human body, is at the origin of these properties. However, the presence of neodymium magnets also plays an important role.

Beneficial properties for the body

This jewel stemming from Ayurvedic medicine is, still today, greatly appreciated by the local Indian populations.

The Indian copper rush goes :

  • relieve your joint pain
  • improve your cellular respiration
  • accelerate the cartilage regeneration process
  • promote the fixation of iron on your cells
  • fight against cellular ageing

A wellness accessory specific to traditional Indian medicine

This copper bracelet is a well-being accessory specific to the Indian culture.

Ornamented with several phoenixes, this spiritual bracelet allows to balance the chakras of the wearer.

The ideal accessory to regulate the level of copper in the body

For people who suffer from copper deficiencies, wearing a bracelet is strongly recommended.
Wearing a copper bracelet has no side effects on your skin or your body. Moreover, it is proven to be entirely beneficial to your health.