Copper Bracelet
Tibetan Magnetism

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Popular Tibetan beliefs hold that Copper Bracelets with magnets create a magnetic field with many therapeutic virtues.

  • Quality: Pure copper and quality magnets
  • Adjustable: Copper is a malleable material and adapts to all wrists
  • Therapeutic virtues: Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
  • Hand-engraved by skilled craftsmen - Careful details
  • 6 high-end neodymium magnets - 3000 Gauss
  • Length: 17cm / 6.69 inches

If you are more attracted by the big bracelets, then the Large Copper Bracelet for Men will certainly please you! In addition to the fact that it is trendy and timeless, the magnet therapy provided by magnets, is an ally for joint comfort. To discover all our models, visit our collection of Magnetic Copper Bracelet. With more than 30 models, you will find the one that will suit you perfectly.

The copper bracelet, a sought-after jewel

The Tibetan Copper Magnetic Bracelet is one of the jewelry with a fine design and style work. It is appreciated for its nobility and charm. This bracelet offers to the outfit a deep side, security, presence.

The Tibetan Copper Magnetic Bracelet is hand engraved for maximum quality. These engravings have a historical as well as ethnic meaning, they give the jewel a certain character. It will easily fit your wrist due to its flexibility. The magnets are set into the jewel at the beginning of the creation, this creates a better and more durable fixation.

Copper was discovered around the 3rd or 5th century BC. This period was called the "Copper Age". Copper is characterised by its salmon or reddish orange-brown colour when worked. It is a semi-precious metal. Furthermore, this metal is perfect for the manufacture of jewellery as it has many qualities including rust resistance and antibacterial properties.

The healing properties of the copper bracelet

The National Research Council of Canada recommends a minimum intake of 2 mg/day of copper for people over 18 years of age. Copper deficiencies are very common in European regions. As an illustration, the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences considers that only 25% of the US population consumes an acceptable quantity of copper.

Wearing copper bracelets for therapeutic purposes dates back to antiquity. Ayurvedic medicine attributes anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and anti-oxidant values to it. The copper bracelet has been worn for thousands of years in South Asia and India, where it has been used to treat arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Scientific experiments undertaken by Dr. J. R SORENSON (USA) in the 1970s, have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory qualities of copper. Experts have shown that copper is absorbed by the epidermis and thus manages to enter the body. Copper is also said to relieve rheumatic illnesses and, more importantly, to help alleviate the pain caused by this condition.

The virtues of the copper bracelet with magnets

For the last ten years or so, the magnetic bracelet has been a real success. Much more than just a piece of jewellery, this type of accessory with a classy design has therapeutic qualities in alternative medicine: magneto-therapy.

Magnetic therapy is validated by the Ministry of Health in a few countries, notably Russia and Japan. It is completely part of the preventive and curative medical offer of these countries. Japan being a pioneer in the modern use of a multitude of magnetic articles, research is also active there. Japan is the country where magnetic goods are most frequently used, there are a number of goods used every day. Especially with jewellery.

Be careful, the magnetism elaborated by magnets does not replace a medical treatment advised by your practitioner. Magnetic therapy aims to question in a natural way the body's morphology to react to its own abnormalities.

Magnetic therapy is often used in sports activities because it helps to :

  • Relieve stiffness caused by stress in everyday life
  • Helping the body to function properly during physical exercise
  • To help muscle and tendon recovery

Magnetic therapy is an effective aid for relieving joint and muscle pain (lumbago, back pain, neck pain, rheumatism, epicondylitis, tendinitis, etc.).