Copper Bracelet
Magnetic Man

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Solid and entirely made of pure copper you will love this superb bracelet! Each link is inlaid with a therapeutic element with many virtues..

  • Quality: Pure copper and quality magnets
  • Adjustable: Links can be removed and added
  • Therapeutic virtues: Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
  • Each link has two therapeutic elements: 2 high-end neodymium magnets - 3000 Gauss, 2 negative ions, 2 far infrared, 2 germaniums
  • Made by specialized craftsmen - Careful details
  • Size: 21.5cm - Height: 1.5cm

Looking for a therapeutic jewelry for women? You will fall in love with one of our best-sellers: the Magnetic Lake Copper Bracelet. Discover other styles in our collection of Copper Magnetic Bracelets. These are wellness accessories that will accompany you on a daily basis.

Wearing a magnetic copper chain: a beneficial wellness accessory

Many men suffer from rheumatism and chronic joint pain. There are many solutions to these ailments. However, not all of them are the same.

For people seeking to relieve their disorders through alternative medicine, wearing a magnetic copper bracelet is a recommended alternative.

A magnetic copper bracelet has many beneficial effects on the body:

  • It improves sleep
  • It reduces stress
  • It relieves joint pain
  • It has anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties.

Why choose the magnetic copper bracelet for men?

For men who believe in traditional medicine, the magnetic copper bracelet brings its therapeutic virtues to your daily life.

In addition to being a fashion accessory, it is a wellness accessory with important healing powers.

Copper to relieve many ailments

In addition to relieving the pain associated with osteoarthritis or arthritis, wearing a magnetic copper bracelet strengthens the wearer's immune system.

Magnets and magnetotherapy to enhance the healing effects of copper

Combined with copper, neodymium magnets also bring their therapeutic virtues. Not only do they stimulate your blood circulation, but they also reinforce the anti-inflammatory properties of copper on the body.

A trendy bracelet for men

More and more men decide to opt for a magnetic copper jewel. Both trendy and beneficial for health, this bracelet is a sober fashion accessory that can be worn with a large number of outfits.