Magnetic Bracelet

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In support of your diet, enjoy the action of this magnet bracelet.

  • Quality: 316L stainless steel and premium magnets
  • Adjustable: Links can be removed and added
  • Therapeutic benefits: Reduces stress, relieves joint and muscle pain, rebalances internal energy
  • Each link has a therapeutic element: 1 high-end neodymium magnet - 3000 Gauss, 1 negative ion, 1 far infrared, 1 germanium
  • Made by skilled craftsmen - Careful details.
  • Does not blacken, does not oxidize
  • Size: 20.5cm / 8.07 inches
  • Height: 0.6cm / 0.24 inches

In traditional Asian medicine, magnetic bracelets are used to feel better about your body and have better health, especially to lose a few pounds. But this is not done in a day. Losing weight requires a thorough change in diet and a strong willpower to keep up the effort.

Of course, no bracelet can make you lose weight in a flash like a magic wand! But it can be a powerful support in your quest for the ideal weight, through the action of magnets placed directly on your skin.

If you're looking for a male model for a loved one then the Therapeutic Magnetic Bracelet is a great choice. For more choices, check out our collection of Steel Magnetic Bracelets.

How does a magnetic bracelet that makes you lose weight work?

According to alternative medicine, the magnetic bracelet acts on your energy level: it stimulates cell regeneration and activates blood circulation. The main action of magnets is to activate your metabolism. Your body then requires a more intense energy expenditure and it solicits more stored fat to compensate.

A bracelet to lose weight naturally?

This process uses the natural powers of magnets, which are better for your health than chemical molecules to ingest. Magnets also have a natural anti-stress effect. This is a great help when you're making the effort to keep a diet. Finally, their elegant appearance helps you feel beautiful: isn't that the best motivation to lose weight?