Anti-Pain Bracelet

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Traditional medicine at your service to tame chronic pain with the natural action of magnets.

  • Quality: 316L gold-plated stainless steel and premium magnets
  • Adjustable: Links can be removed and added
  • Therapeutic virtues: Reduces stress, relieves joint and muscle pain, rebalances internal energy
  • For the high-end model, each link has a therapeutic element: 1 high-end neodymium magnet - 3000 Gauss, 1 negative ion, 1 far infrared, 1 germanium
    For the classic model, each link has a 1 high-end neodymium magnet - 3000 Gauss
  • Made by specialized craftsmen - Careful details
  • Does not blacken, does not oxidize
  • Size: 21,5cm / 8.46 inches
  • Height: 1,1cm / 0.43 inches

Pains such as joint and tendon pain, but also all types of recurring pain, can become a torment if we don't know how to soothe them. Rather than overloading our bodies with pain-relieving chemicals, alternative medicine offers a less aggressive option: using the natural powers of magnets to soothe the pain.

This magnetic bracelet is a stylish fashion accessory that conceals a powerful tool for fighting pain. Indeed,neodymium magnets are embedded inside and are said to discreetly lavish their benefits to work against pain. Subjected to a magnetic field, the body would produce more endorphins, the pain-relieving hormones and soothe the superficial nervous system.

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Why wear a magnetic bracelet?

To test the effectiveness of magnets as a pain reliever! The advantage of magnet therapy, or care with magnets, is that there are no unwanted side effects. According to traditional medicine in many countries, magnets work imperceptibly on cell activity, blood circulation and the production of soothing hormones, to accompany the body, not fight against it.

What is the best magnetic bracelet for pain?

The bracelet that is offered here combines the effectiveness of magnets with that of far infrared, negative ions and germanium to come to terms with your pain. Finally, a good magnetic bracelet is one that you will want to wear every day: that's why we place particular importance on its elegance and durability.