Magnetic Bracelet
against Stress

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Don't fight stress alone: the effectiveness of magnets can help you find calm and serenity

  • Quality: 316L stainless steel, blue crystals and premium magnets
  • Ajustable: Links can be removed and added
  • Therapeutic virtues: Reduces stress, relieves joint and muscle pain, rebalances internal energy
  • Each link has a therapeutic element: 1 high-end neodymium magnet - 3000 Gauss, 1 negative ion, 1 far infrared, 1 germanium
  • Made by specialized craftsmen - Careful details
  • Does not blacken or oxidize
  • Size: 18,5cm / 7.28 inches
  • Height: 0,8cm / 0.31 inches

This pretty, slender bracelet combines the strength of stainless steel with the refinement of blue crystal in small inlaid touches. But more than just a fashion accessory, it hides a powerful power nestled in the small magnets located on the reverse side. These magnets act on your body like a natural anti-stress.

Magnetotherapy, or care by magnets, is a method that uses the natural powers of neodymium magnets by applying them locally near the skin. It is an alternative medicine that is not recognized by conventional French medicine but is widely used in Japan, for example.

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What is the purpose of a magnetic bracelet?

Magnets are known to have many virtues, including that of promoting serenity for those who use them. They are worn on the skin or close to the skin and act as metabolism regulators. Specifically, the magnet bracelet promotes the circulation of positive energy in your body by creating a beneficial magnetic field.

Which magnetic bracelet to choose?

Since you'll be wearing it often, it's important that you have a crush on the bracelet you choose. This one catches the eye with its interspersed pale blue crystals. Next, you should focus on a benefit that particularly touches you. In this case, the benefit will be to provide you with a stress cure.