Copper/Zinc Duo

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The delicacy of Roman craftsmanship can be seen in this copper bracelet where copper and zinc are subtly intertwined.

  • Quality: Pure Copper and Zinc; quality magnets
  • Adjustable: Copper is a malleable material and adapts to all wrists
  • Therapeutic virtues: Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
  • Handmade - Careful details
  • 6 high-end neodymium magnets - 3000 Gauss
  • Length: 15,5cm
  • Weight: 29g

If you are a man and you are looking for a pure copper bracelet then the Elegant Man Copper Bracelet will be perfect for you ! Our collection of Magnetic Bracelet offers a wide range of products for both men and women.

Copper and zinc to improve your health

This copper-zinc alloy rod has important therapeutic virtues. Worn, this bracelet allows :

  • A reduction of body pain
  • A reduction in aches and pains
  • A revival of youth

Indeed, copper is an analgesic, an antispasmodic and a natural antioxidant. If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, or if you have health problems related to oxidative stress, wearing this copper-zinc alloy bracelet around your wrist can improve your health.

This copper and zinc duo bracelet is perfect to combine elegance and well-being. The alloy of copper and zinc gives this bracelet an unusual style with rich tones reminiscent of jewellery in three gold colours (yellow, red and white). No wonder it was worn by members of the nobility in ancient Rome.

Why wear a copper and zinc bracelet ?

The copper and zinc band combines the benefits of two metals widely used in oligotherapy.

Worn on the wrist, this wellness accessory stimulates the immune system, reduces oxidative stress and relieves joint pain.

A jewel composed of neodymium magnets beneficial to the body.

This copper-zinc alloy bracelet contains neodymium magnets which make it a choice element in the field of magneto-therapy.

Magnetic therapy, or magnet therapy, is the traditional medical practice of using magnets to relieve inflammatory diseases such as muscle and/or joint pain. Magnetism has an electrically activating effect on the body when magnets touch the skin.

The effects are increased tenfold by the presence of copper and zinc

Composed of both copper and zinc, this jewel grants the virtues of both copper and zinc. In other words, it is made of both copper and zinc :

  • Your pains linked to rheumatisms are alleviated
  • Your immune system is strengthened
  • Your hormone production is boosted
  • Your sleep is improved

The combination of these two metals gives this bracelet key benefits for your body.

A bracelet made by professionals

All the craftsmen who work on our bracelets are expert professionals in the art of copper jewellery making.

The alloy of copper and zinc on this beauty accessory brings not only an asserted beauty but also an assured health.