About Magnetic Vitality

3 lives, 1 passion

founder of the Magnetic Vitality jewelry store


We are 3 friends who are passionate about the same thing: magneto-therapy. We started to take an interest in this vast subject at the beginning of 2017.

Joyce had just given birth (to triplets) and was regularly experiencing severe back pain. During her pregnancy, her back had been severely strained due to the heavy weight of her babies.

Charlie had been searching for some time for a way to improve the daily lives of his grandparents who were suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. They were having difficulty moving around, their joints were like "rusty" and hurting.

Jess had a problem with work-related anxiety and fatigue. She worked an average of 50 hours a week and rarely took vacations.


After trying several treatments to relieve his grandparents, Charlie became interested in alternative medicine. She had heard about the therapeutic effects of copper. And had found that many people (American Indians, Celts, Persians, Indians, Southeast Asians, Africans) had been using it for hundreds of years to relieve pain, relieve stress....

While studying copper, she discovered that many people use copper coupled with the virtues of magnets.

For her grandfather's birthday, she gave him a magnetic copper bracelet. Quickly, the jewel had a positive effect on joint pain. She then offered a magnetic necklace to her grandmother who was also relieved of some of her pain.

Charlie then told us about it (Jess and Joyce) and we tried it right away. The results were immediate and after two weeks Jess felt less stress and had more energy in her days. Joyce was able to return to the sport because the back pain had completely disappeared.


After these excellent experiences, we became deeply interested in the world of magneto-therapy and continued to search for magnetic jewelry that would be good for our health but also beautiful to wear every day. However, the choice was very limited and the jewelry was often not very beautiful.

We went around the world to meet craftsmen specialized in magnetic jewelry. We selected the best models and created this website.

That's why we decided in February 2019 to launch our own magnetic jewelry store !