Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet


      Your buying guide for a steel magnetic bracelet

      It will help you choose the right magnetic bracelet for you.

      What types of magnetic bracelets can you find? What material are they made of? What are they used for? Here are the answers to all the questions that may come to mind when choosing your own magnet steel bracelet!

      Why buy a steel magnetic bracelet

      A magnetic steel bracelet is both a fashion accessory that makes you look good and a remedy that can provide help in various aspects of your life. These bracelets use the magneto therapy method to gently work on your body and provide their benefits in a completely natural way.

      Magnetotherapy uses magnets that act together to stimulate and circulate energy in your body and thus achieve various benefits. The magnets located inside your bracelet are thus as close to you as possible to act. And you can easily wear this bracelet around your wrist on a daily basis, so that it is all the more active.

      This is a technique that has been used since ancient times and is being used again in recent decades. Our medicine does not yet recognize its effectiveness, but magnetotherapy is notably used and recognized in Japan where it is reimbursed by social security.

      How to choose a magnetic steel bracelet

      First, because you like it! A bracelet is effective when you wear it: choose an aesthetic that looks like you so you'll want to wear it every day. Then, select the one that best meets your need. There are three main types of effects brought:

      Wellness - anti-stress - balance

      If you sometimes experience stress and anxiety, you'll want to pick up a bracelet that soothes those tensions. Magnets will help you cope with the worries of life. The wellness or balance bracelets will soothe you by regulating the vital energy in your body. Your mood will be more stable and positive as a result, and you will feel better on a daily basis.


      If you are prone to arthritis or tendinitis, or recurring pain for example in your back to head or stomach, a magnetic steel bracelet can help. You can wear it preventively or as a remedy.

      Magnets create a magnetic field around your wrist, which then stimulates the production of endorphins (pain-relieving hormone). This therapy, which is gentler and more natural than pain pills, also has the advantage of having no unwanted side effects.

      Losing weight - slimming

      If you need to regulate your weight or lose a few pounds, a magnetic steel bracelet can accompany you on your diet. These bracelets are not a magic formula to lose weight in a few days!

      But thanks to their imperceptible magnetic field, on the one hand they activate your metabolism and solicit stored fat, and on the other hand, they give you a feeling of serenity that helps you keep your motivation intact.

      What are the components of a magnetic steel bracelet?

      The main action of a magnetic bracelet is of course that of the magnets. But we alternate with other elements that support their action and provide other complementary benefits.

      * magnets

      We come across many magnets in everyday life but the only ones that have a therapeutic effect are neodymium magnets. These magnets are arranged to create a magnetic field that activates cells and stimulates blood circulation. Magnets therefore have the effect of rebalancing energy throughout your body. They enhance the production of hormones that relieve pain and ease tension.

      *negative ions

      Negative ions also have an effect on hormones. They lower cortisol (stress hormone) and promote serotonin (feel-good hormone).They also have an action to increase the amount of oxytocin in your body (happiness hormone!).


      The main effect of germanium is to detoxify your body, allowing it to be more receptive to other elements.

      *far infrared

      Far infrared is used to stimulate blood circulation and activate the water molecules our bodies are made up of. In this way, the body gets rid of toxins that clog it and can cause stress and pain. Far infrared also has an effect promoting cell regeneration.

      What contraindications are there to wearing a magnetic steel bracelet?

      Most adults can benefit from magnetic therapy in the form of jewelry worn around the wrist.

      However, if you wear a pacemaker, magnetic therapy should be avoided to avoid the risk of interference. This is because the magnets could derange the operation of the pacemaker and impair its function.

      The magnets can also be used as an aid in the treatment of heart disease.

      Similarly, the use of magnets is not recommended during the first months of pregnancy, as a precaution. Indeed the effects of its power on embryos in the early stages of development are not yet known.

      What does a magnetic steel bracelet look like?

      We offer bracelets in a variety of styles to suit all tastes. The basic material is stainless steel, but the look differs so that everyone can find something to suit them.

      There are two series of bracelets: men's and women's, but you can choose the one you like the most!

      Some bracelets have delicately braided rushes or are gold-plated for an even more elegant look. You'll also find some designs decorated with blue crystal inlays.

      Other bracelets have a gold-plated band for an even more elegant look.

      Other bracelets have simple, sleek designs, focusing on sobriety and strength.

      How to choose the size of your magnetic steel bracelet.

      For each bracelet, the size is specified in the illustrations: you will find a picture with all the measurements of the bracelet to check that its dimensions correspond to your wrist size (length) and your aesthetic expectation (width).

      How to care for your steel bracelet with magnets

      Your bracelet is designed to be strong and durable. It is made of stainless steel, which is known for its strength. Some bracelets also have an anti-scratch treatment to keep its appearance intact even with daily use.

      When it comes to efficiency, it requires no special care. Whether it's the magnets or the other elements inserted in your bracelet, their effectiveness does not diminish with time, there is nothing more to do to preserve them!