Therapeutic Copper Bracelet


      The copper bracelet: all about its benefits on the human body

      Not only is it aesthetic, it is also curative. Much more than just a piece of jewelry, the copper bracelet gives value to your daily look while curing many ailments.

      But do all copper bracelets have the same therapeutic virtues? And is a magnetic copper bracelet preferable to a model without magnets? How do I care for my copper bracelet?...

      Your questions, our answers! Here is everything you need to know about the copper bracelet.

      What are the characteristics of a copper bracelet?

      Discover why wearing a copper bracelet means taking care not only of your appearance, but also of your health...

      The short history of copper

      Copper bracelets have adorned the arms of men and women since the distant times of Prehistory. Historians even place an age of copper, about 3000 years before our era, which coincides with the discovery of this metal with a thousand virtues. But it is the Greek Antiquity which confers on copper its double letters of nobility:

      1) Copper is associated with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty. Thanks to its brilliance, it adorns the doors of temples, the furniture of bourgeois houses and, above all, the neck, ears and wrists of women.

      2) Hippocrates, the absolute reference in medicine at the time, used copper to treat varicose ulcers on the legs. Around the same period, the healing powers of copper are also known to the Indians and Aztecs.

      It has been proven for a long time: copper makes you look better, but also healthier. Its properties are as ornamental as they are curative. And, centuries and centuries later, we continue to enjoy it!

      Why wear a copper bracelet?

      With the evolution of medicine and discoveries related to the powers of copper, there are nowadays many reasons to wear a copper bracelet. Here are the main ones:

      Overcoming joint pain: Due to chronic or occasional inflammation of the joints, osteoarthritis and arthritis can be relieved by wearing a copper bracelet. This effect of copper is scientifically proven and is based on the participation of copper in the synthesis of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.

      Overcoming anemia: Copper in the human body is involved in the formation of hemoglobin, which tends to decrease in the event of a deficiency or anemia. Wearing a copper bracelet will therefore be of great help.

      Fighting osteoporosis or healing a fracture: Copper is a trace element essential for bone strength and also for the production of collagen, which is found in bones (as well as in hair and skin).

      Prevent cell aging: thanks to the antioxidant properties of copper. And, consequently, prevent the appearance of diseases such as cancers or cardiovascular pathologies.

      Why wear a copper bracelet instead of taking copper-based food supplements? In reality, this second option requires a medical opinion and goes through blood tests. Indeed, if a copper deficiency can harm the body, so can an overload of this metal.

      Wearing a copper bracelet is an excellent solution to assimilate your daily ration of essential copper through the simple contact between the metal and the skin.

      Today the copper bracelet is a real jewel in its own right as you can see in our store. In addition to its therapeutic virtues, it takes care of your appearance to become a real asset of seduction!

      How to use a copper bracelet?

      Using a copper bracelet to take care of one's health does not require any particular precautions, other than opting for a bracelet of the right size, which will be sufficiently adjusted to the wrist so that the copper can be in contact with the epidermis and possibly the veins - which are also a vector through which the trace element will be transmitted to the organism.

      How do I know if my copper bracelet is effective?

      • To be sure that your copper bracelet is effective, you can: Watch for the appearance of a "control" on your wrist, in this case a discoloration of the skin or, on the contrary, the appearance of a blue-green coloration where the copper is in contact with the epidermis.
        Continue to wear your bracelet: the traces will disappear after a few days and they are a sign that the transmission takes place between the copper molecules and your body.
      • Watch for improvements in your symptoms. They can take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the pathology.
      • Trust science. In particular, the results of studies conducted on patients with polyarthritis are conclusive.
        Not only did wearing a copper bracelet result in a significant reduction in pain, but after analysis, it was found that each bracelet lost approximately 13 mg of copper during the test period. The transmission and effectiveness of copper through a simple bracelet is therefore not a decoy!

      What to choose, a copper bracelet with or without magnets?

      The next question is what type of copper bracelet to choose: magnetic or not?

      What is magnetotherapy?

      Magnetic therapy is a form of magnet therapy which, combined with the therapeutic virtues of copper, can have surprising effects.

      In particular, magnets in direct contact with the human body are known to have the power to:

      • To rebalance the energy flows and thus fight against nervous and muscular tensions. Aches and pains, stress, back pain and insomnia are all pathologies that can greatly benefit from magnetotherapy.
      • To increase blood circulation and thus promote a better supply of oxygen and trace elements to the cells. The body is then better able to both assimilate nutrients and vitamins and eliminate its waste products.
        Magnets can work wonders as part of a diet, immunostimulant therapy or convalescence!

      So, magnetic copper bracelet or not?

      So, should we opt for a simple copper bracelet, or a magnetic copper bracelet? The answer is simple: it all depends on the ailments you want to heal! Let's take them one by one.

      • Joint pain: yes, in this case it may be interesting to couple the therapeutic effects of copper with the powers of the magnet. In cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis of the wrist in particular, wearing a magnetized copper bracelet can quickly relieve you.
      • Anaemia: unlike copper, magnets have no direct action on the treatment of anaemia. However, as long as they help the body to replenish its energy, they can be a valuable adjunct in the treatment of anemia or deficiency and the general weakening that goes along with it.
      • Bone pathologies: the reasoning is the same. Magnetic therapy will not specifically help bones to reunite in the event of a fracture, but by facilitating the assimilation of nutrients essential to their consolidation, it will nevertheless participate in the improvement of symptoms.
      • Ageing of the cells: here again, no direct action on the part of magnets, but rather a parallel support, through the reduction of stress and the calming of nervous tensions which are, as we know, one of the first causes of ageing of the cells.

      Result of the races? We all want a magnetized copper bracelet, which relieves us, soothes us and slows down the effects of aging on our body!

      Can everyone wear a copper magnetic bracelet?

      Attention, the wearing of a magnetic bracelet - whether it is made of copper or not - is not recommended in the following cases:

      • You are a pregnant woman
      • You have a pacemaker
      • You have blood circulation problems.

      On the other hand, you can very well wear a simple copper bracelet without magnets. The only contraindication to wearing a copper bracelet is Wilson's disease, a genetic condition that prevents the elimination of copper by the liver.

      How to magnetize a copper bracelet?

      You cannot magnetize your copper bracelet yourself... the only solution to have a magnetic copper bracelet is to opt for a model already equipped with magnets!

      How to recharge a copper bracelet?

      A magnetized copper bracelet does not need to be recharged. The magnets will be effective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and for life!

      A simple copper bracelet, on the other hand, will lose metal over time as its particles are transmitted to the wearer's body. However, it is impossible to recharge it... if your bracelet is used to treat a chronic pathology, such as an autoimmune disease, and you wear it on a daily basis, it is advisable to replace it with a new one after a certain period of time.

      If you've been wearing your bracelet for several months or even years but your symptoms have stopped improving, it's probably time to change it.

      How to clean a copper bracelet?

      You cannot recharge your copper bracelet, however you must clean and take care of it to keep it as long as possible. Indeed, the action of copper is effective for the human body only if the bracelet is worn in contact with the skin.

      In reaction to this, your bracelet will quickly turn black or green. This is how to maintain it.

      When the copper bracelet turns green

      Don't wait until your copper bracelet has turned green all around to react, rub it weekly with a little coarse salt and rinse it with lemon juice and vinegar to defuse the oxidation process.

      Avoid wearing your bracelet in the shower or when it is very hot, as contact with moisture (whether water or sweat) is harmful. Every evening, shine it with a soft cloth before storing it in your jewelry box.

      When the copper bracelet blackens

      Over time, your copper bracelet may tarnish and blacken. Varnishing is not recommended unless you wear it for simple aesthetic reasons. On the other hand, daily care and precautions (as indicated above) will allow it to last a very long time.

      Finally, once a month, a polishing with a paste reserved for the cleaning of copper will be very beneficial to it, without altering its virtues.

      Where to find a copper bracelet?

      You will not have any difficulty to find a copper bracelet in the trade, and more particularly with:

      • Fashion Jewelry Boutiques
      • Stands, markets or craft stalls all over the world
      • On the internet
      • On Magnetic Vitality of course!

      For magnetized copper bracelets, it is preferable to go directly to a pharmacy or to a specialized online store such as ours.

      Copper bracelets are the solution you need to combine business with pleasure and do as much good for your look as for your health!

      Wearing a copper bracelet, magnetized or not, not only gives an ethnic, bohemian or even contemporary touch to your outfit, but also guarantees you a better look, a more supple gait, a more rested face, shinier skin and hair... the list is long and the future of the copper bracelet is assured!