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Magnet therapy to heal yourself with Magnets

The placement of magnets on the body depends primarily on the type of pain to be treated. Is it a targeted pain? A deep pain? A localized cramp? An extended tension? Or a more general physical problem?

Once the problem and its location in the body have been determined, the type of magnets used and their placement will be decided.

What type of magnets to choose?

Magnets can have two different polarities, North or South: these two polarities have various virtues. A "North" polarized magnet is used as a muscle relaxant, against cramps and muscle tension. A "South" polarized magnet will be chosen for its analgesic virtues, i.e. to soothe pain.

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Some research suggests that it is best to choose the polarity, North or South, that best suits the problem at hand. Only very rarely are both types of magnets used at the same time. It is sometimes recommended to use two magnets of opposite poles in combination, for example in a bed, to create a larger magnetic field.

The size of the magnets should be adapted not to the type of pain but to the size of the area of the body that you want to relieve. There are small magnets in tablet format or larger magnets such as pebbles, and you can also combine several magnets to treat a deeper or more extensive area.

How many magnets to place and how to arrange them?

To properly place magnets on the body, it is important to know that they should be as close as possible to the area to be treated.

When it is a localized area in the body close to the skin, such as a joint or pain in the hand, one can simply use a small magnet and place it on the skin at the site of the pain.

When the area is larger, it is best to place several magnets next to each other on the skin to best cover the area of the body that is experiencing pain.

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If the area is deeper in the body, such as the inside of the shoulder or an organ in the belly, two magnets can be placed on top of each other to reinforce their effect.

Finally, for a more global problem such as insomnia or digestive problems, we prefer more powerful magnets placed in the mattress, which will act on the whole body.

How to place your magnets according to the acupuncture points?

There are also other approaches to placing magnets on the body that are inspired by Chinese acupuncture. This involves placing magnets on certain acupuncture points to circulate energy along the meridians or to indirectly target an area of the body.

The location of the magnets can also be based on the reflexology points on the feet or palms of the hands: instead of placing them directly on the area of the body concerned, the magnets will be fixed on the reflex zone of the foot or hand corresponding to the part of the body to be treated.

In acupuncture, needles are used to stimulate these points, in shiatsu they are solicited by acupressure (finger pressure) and in magnetic therapy, magnets can be placed on this area to obtain the analgesic or relaxing effect.

acupuncture point list

In the same way, one can resort to auriculotherapy: the ear being like a miniature representation of the human body, each point of the ear represents a specific zone of the body. Small magnets can be fixed on the auricle of the ear, well located on the point corresponding to the place of the body to be treated.