make a bath with copper

Take a shower with its Copper Bracelet?

Jewelry with or without precious metals needs special care. Whether they are solid silver earrings, gold-plated pendants for women or other pieces of jewelry, you must adopt certain practices.

In this sense, precautions must be taken to guarantee the longevity of your copper bracelet. In particular, can you take a bath with this type of bracelet on your wrist? Is it necessary to remove your copper bracelet in the shower?


In this article, we bring the elements of answer to this question.

Avoid that your copper bracelet is in contact with harmful elements and products

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To keep your jewelry collections looking their best, you need to take certain precautions.

You must take care of your jewelry items so that they can keep their luster and perfect your style. In this sense, you should not wear your copper bracelet anytime and anywhere.

To prevent this accessory from coming into contact with products and elements that are harmful to it, avoid wearing them while showering.

Cosmetics and certain detergent products can cause premature wear of your copper bracelet. Also, water and this material do not mix well.

Copper bracelets with magnets are not water resistant

To promote the longevity of your jewelry collection, remember to ask your jeweler for advice.

Therapeutic jewelry also needs an adapted care.

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Jewelry pieces should not be worn just anywhere. Remember to remove them when you take a bath, as the setting of the magnets does not tolerate humidity well. This rule is all the more valid when it comes to hot water. 

Also be aware that copper can deteriorate as a result of frequent contact with oily products, including moisturizers. 

Thanks to these precautions, you improve the longevity of your bracelet.

When you take a bath, you can store it in your jewelry box.

Other tips to take care of your copper bracelet

If your copper bracelet gets wet regularly, it may lose its shine.

In addition, soaps and shampoos promote the accumulation of grease on the surface of your accessory. In this sense, it is preferable to remove your copper bracelet when you are in the shower.

This advice is even more valid when you take sea baths. Sea water is corrosive even to resistant metals such as gold and platinum.

salt water bad for copper

In addition, to promote the longevity of your copper watchband, also remember to clean it properly.

To restore this accessory to its former glory, you can :

  • Rub it with lemon and then rinse it with mineral water. 
  • Polishing your beautiful jewels with a dedicated cloth
  • Use an adapted commercial cleaner 
  • Etc. 

What is the point of wearing a quality copper bracelet? 

Are you looking for men's or women's jewelry to reduce your stress, your pain?

Those with a limited budget can opt for a copper bracelet. But why should you bet on such an accessory? First of all, you should know that wearing an item made with this material has many beneficial effects on your health.

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Wearing a copper bracelet helps above all to fight joint inflammation. It is a means of relieving arthritis or osteoarthritis.

This property has already been proven by serious studies on the role of copper on the synthesis of prostaglandins against inflammatory problems.

It should also be noted that copper contributes greatly to bone solidification and the creation of collagen, which is essential for bones. All in all, wearing a copper bracelet will help improve your health.

To ensure the durability of such a jewel, you must pay attention to the way you use and maintain it.