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Wearing a copper bracelet to improve your sleep?

Trace elements, minerals and metals represent only 0.01% of our body mass. However, they have a significant influence on the proper functioning of our body.

Among these elements is copper, a metal used in oligotherapy to relieve many ailments. Worn as a bracelet, it has proven to have beneficial effects on health and especially on sleep.

How can wearing a copper bracelet help you sleep?

Copper is one of the metals most used in oligotherapy and it is one of the most effective when it comes to improving its wearer's sleep.

Copper Oligotherapy to Improve Sleep

Oligotherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses minerals, trace elements and metals to balance the body and promote proper functioning.

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This alternative medicine created by Doctor Jacques Ménétrier is a form of alternative medicine which, like phytotherapy and magnetotherapy, is becoming more and more established in France.

For people suffering from insomnia, to combat stress, anxiety and for the relief of joint pain, copper is one of the most widely used metals.

Its anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and anti-oxidant properties make this metal an element of choice for the treatment of many disorders.

Like sulfur, zinc or selenium, copper helps to fight against sleep disorders related to pain that are of a :

  • inflammatory
  • ENT
  • articular

To relieve these and to take full advantage of the beneficial properties of copper, there are two methods:

  • You can ingest copper sublingually or orally;
  • You can wear the copper as a bracelet, necklace or ring. It is an effective method to have the beneficial virtues of the metal in everyday life.

The second method is the most interesting. In addition to combining aesthetics and well-being, it allows you to benefit from the advantages of copper on a constant and regular basis.

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Wear a copper bracelet to sleep better

Advances in alternative medicine have made it possible to assert the benefits that copper can have on the body when worn as jewelry.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects nearly 16% of the French. Among these 16%, many people refuse to take sleeping pills or medication. Therefore, wearing a copper bracelet is an effective soft alternative to find sleep.

copper bracelet to sleep better

With a copper bracelet, your body assimilates a daily dose of copper which is essential to help you fall asleep.

Much more than just a piece of jewelry, the copper bracelet is a true wellness accessory that not only enhances you, but also strengthens your immune system and helps you sleep well

Combine the use of copper with magnetotherapy to improve sleep

If it is true that the copper bracelet favors the quality of rest, it is no less true that, combined with magnets, its effects are tenfold. We then speak of "magnetic copper bracelets".

In addition to having a positive impact on sleep, magnetic copper bracelets are beneficial for the metabolism:

  • They have anti-rheumatic properties
  • They have antioxidant properties
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties

Combined with oligotherapy, magnetotherapy helps to rebalance the body and vitalize the entire body. To do this, the presence of a neodymium magnet is fundamental.

Magnetic therapy uses the magnetic field to promote sleep but also to relieve pain naturally.

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Copper bracelets to improve your sleep: a soft and natural alternative

For those who lack sleep or tend to wake up at night, wearing a copper bracelet is an alternative to consider.

A metal that transmits its virtues in contact with the skin

To fight against chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders, the copper bracelet does not require any formality. It is a healthier alternative to taking dietary supplements, which requires a blood test and a mandatory visit to the doctor.

As soon as this metal jewel is worn and in contact with the skin, you directly assimilate the therapeutic virtues of copper.

If you have difficulty sleeping because of muscle or joint pain, wearing a copper bracelet or a copper magnetic bracelet may be in addition to taking dietary supplements or natural medicines.

An indispensable element for mankind

Copper, beyond being a metal used in oligotherapy, is a trace element essential to our body. Although it only makes up a tiny part of our body, it plays a key role in the communication between our neurons.

Copper has an impact on:

  • The attention
  • The memory
  • The mood
  • The sleep

In case of deficiencies or overdose, the body is deregulated and you may be subject to digestive and muscular disorders (backache, joint pain...) as well as sleep disorders.

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Benefits that are not limited to sleep!

The virtues of copper are numerous and they are even more so when it is associated with magnets of several thousand Gauss (the electromagnetic unit of reference).

By mixing the virtues of copper with those of magnets, we obtain a jewel with important curative properties. A magnetic bracelet in copper will allow to:

  • Relieve inflammation
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Provide joint comfort
  • Relieve pain related to osteoarthritis or arthritis
  • Promote sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Slow down the aging of cells
  • Fight against anemia
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How do I know if copper jewelry is effective?

To find out if the copper ring you are wearing works, 2 solutions are available.

1.   Monitor the appearance of a witness

This is the most remarkable technique. In order to ensure that your magnetic jewelry works, you should note a slight discoloration of your skin at the location of the bracelet.

Otherwise, the bracelet should take on a coppery blue-green color where it is in contact with the epidermis. 

Anyway, if you notice either of these 2 changes, keep on wearing the bracelet, the traces will disappear after a few days. They are the proof that the exchange between the copper molecules and your skin is done correctly.

2.   Relying on science

A study by Dr. W.R. Walker of the University of Newcastle has shown that copper bracelets have a positive impact on the health of individuals, particularly those with osteoarthritis.

scientific university

To come to this conclusion, Dr. Walker conducted his experimental study on nearly 300 people divided into 2 groups.

  • The first group had a bracelet with an aluminum placebo effect similar to a copper bracelet.
  • A second group that had a real copper bracelet.

The objective here was to find out whether or not the influence of copper on health was due to beliefs or was real.

As a result of this experiment, 2 conclusions could be drawn:

  • The copper bracelets have lost 23 grams of their weight. This proved that the leather penetrated well through the skin.
  • Sweat tests showed a higher presence of copper in patients who wore a pure copper bracelet around the wrist.

In addition, the study proved that wearing a copper bracelet was an excellent therapy for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Who is the copper bracelet for to promote sleep?

Copper bracelets are suitable for everyone. For men and women, there are many models available. Depending on your needs, it will be preferable to opt for magnetic bracelets with strong magnets rather than a simple copper bracelet. 

Otherwise, you can go for a pendant, rings or earrings.

The copper bracelet proves to be a good gift idea for those who appreciate alternative medicines.

copper bracelet for the family

Contraindication to the wearing of the copper bracelet

Wearing a standard copper bracelet has no contraindications except for people suffering from Wilson's disease, a disease that prevents the elimination of copper in the human body.

Wearing a copper magnetic bracelet, although it can relieve many rheumatisms, is not recommended for the following people:

  • Pregnant Women
  • Individual with pacemaker
  • Person prone to blood circulation problems

In addition to being a beauty accessory, copper bracelets can be used for therapeutic purposes.

The usefulness of this jewel is not limited to its pain-relieving properties to relieve osteoarthritis and its ability to repair cartilage. A copper bracelet also improves the quality of sleep.

For a deep sleep, it is advisable to opt for a jewel composed of magnets and copper.

The combination of these two elements allows, in addition to benefiting from the assets of copper, to reinforce the magnetic fields around you to guarantee you a night without untimely awakenings.