Health and magnetotherapy

Can magnets be harmful to health ?

Some people consider magnets to be dangerous for human health. But is this really the case? Not really. In fact, magnets are used for curative purposes. And when it comes to small magnets, present in jewelry, no risk is assessed, except for the well-being of the body.

The influence of magnets on the human body

It is a question that comes up most of the time: what is the influence of magnets on the human organism? According to the therapists who use magnets to relieve patients, the answer is yes. Some of them even plebiscite it against the coronavirus.

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But according to recent studies, the magnetic forces from permanent magnets are so weak that they have no influence on the human body. If such influences really existed, would this mean that magnets have a harmful effect on the body?

Indeed, many jewelry items contain magnets, but until proven otherwise, have not caused any alarming damage to the wearers. Being allergic is another matter.

What are the benefits of magnetic bracelets?

The magnetic bracelet is the best solution for wrists whose joints are most often stressed. These bracelets are both therapeutic and aesthetic, but also discreet.

Indeed, magneto-therapy is increasingly recognized as an alternative medicine and has no side effects.  Magnets can therefore be used to soothe your small daily pains and will have an effect on your mind.

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Other points to emphasize are that these magnets will give you vitality and positive energy. They can also calm your nervousness, your stress, and that is synonymous with a good day. Also, it should be known, the ring or the magnetic bracelet, once in contact with the skin, releases positive and energetic waves.

They also allow for a more restful sleep. Sportsmen and women testify to the benefits of magnets in terms of concentration, balance and performance in their daily activities. With a magnetic belt, it is possible to relieve your joint pain. You can also experiment with the magnetic wrist.

Magnets to relieve certain diseases

We will speak exclusively about magnetotherapy, which uses magnets to relieve certain ailments. Indeed, the medicinal powers of magnets have been applied for thousands of years. Magneto therapy is mainly recognized in Japan and the United States, but it is also growing rapidly in France.

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Magnets are generally used to relieve: migraines, insomnia, healing disorders, chronic pain and many others. There are two main categories of magnets: pulsed magnets and static magnets.

Most of the magnets available on the market are magnets of the second category. These are magnets that have a low intensity and are used independently and individually. Pulsed magnets are sold as small portable devices and are used in the office.

In general, it must be said that magnets have no harmful effects on health.