Magnetic Jewelry

How to wear a magnetic bracelet correctly?
A common question among people who wear magnetic bracelets is indeed how to wear them. These are the ones that come with a clasp and a cuff. If you receive the magnetic bracelet with the clasp closed, use your thumb...
Can a magnetic bracelet ease menopause?

Vous avez 50 ans et plus, et commencez par ressentir les signes de la ménopause ? Optez pour le port des bracelets en cuivre comme moyen pouvant vous aider à mieux gérer cette phase de votre vie.

Can magnets be harmful to health ?

For a long time, magnets were considered dangerous for human health. But is this really the case? Not really. In fact, magnets are used for curative purposes.

Magnet therapy to heal yourself with Magnets
Relieve your pain quickly with magnets! The body has many points where magnets can be placed and we will guide you through them.
How to recognize a Copper Bracelet ?

There are several good methods to find out if our jewelry is made of copper. We will present them all in this article.

Buying a copper bracelet in a pharmacy: false good idea?

Why not buy a copper bracelet in a pharmacy? Limited offer, lack of expertise... An online specialist will be able to enlighten you better!

Take a shower with its Copper Bracelet?

Do you have to remove your copper bracelet in the shower? This article proposes several elements of answer to you. As well as some advice of use.

Wearing a copper bracelet to improve your sleep?

Copper is one of the metals most used in oligotherapy and it is one of the most effective when it comes to improving its wearer's sleep.